Organize it!

These past couple of days have been hectic! Between making arrangements for my grandmother's funeral, to dog sitting, to running around doing gymnastics makeups...yeah. 

 But I finally got around to organizing the stuff under the sink! It was a disaster area....I'm NOT lying.


(His is a little less messy than mine, but not by much!)

So let's get this thing started!

 First things first-

Pull out one of these and wipe your face....when I was going to review my shots on my camera, I had oil on my camera screen-NOT cute.

NOW. Back on topic.

Dump EVERYTHING on the floor.

Proceed to clean out the cobwebs that have formed under your sink because the only time you open the doors is to quickly throw an item into it.

 I got these nifty little baskets at Walmart for 1.74 each. Super cute, and does the job. See?

Looks so much better! Although there's one lingering cobweb that was being a beast, but I finally got it off after the pic.

Don't look up though....the countertop isn't looking so hot.

 But could I really end this entry with a pic like that?! No. No, I couldn't. So I won't.

Uh huh. That's right. Uh huh. I cleaned it. 

Uhm, wait. Now the mirror needs cleaning. DANGIT! Never ending.

So thankful for the weekend!


  1. I need to do this to my downstairs bathroom, it's a disaster! But I just love organizing, it's actually fun for me! I want shelves on every wall lol

  2. Bons make everything look organized!

  3. My after looks like our before. Sad. I think I need some bins too. I just popped over from Type A & I'm enjoying your blog ^-^