SYTYCD Thursday #3

Welcome to another edition of SYTYCD Thursdays!! I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am!

Now onto the dances!

Lovin' Sasha and Alexander's Dance! The piano hands were kinda weird, but the dancing was superb! She's a fantastic dancer!

And wow about the kiss with Melanie and Marko! Wasn't crazy about the dance they had to do(don't really care for hip hop), but they did it well!

I thought the zombie dance was kinda cool-I thought the judges were too critical on the DANCERS, when they were just dancing to what they were given. Sonya Tayeh is a weirdo: ANYONE should expect a strange dance and soundtrack outta her!

Ryan and Ricky-LOVED this dance SO much!!!! LOVED them using the ribbon as a prop...wow! Just GREAT dance.

So, how about you? What'd you like? What dances did you dislike? Is there anyone that has grown on you? Who do you think's going home?


  1. My favorite was Ryan and Ricky's dance with the ribbon!

  2. I, of course, haven't watched yet ;) I will be back in a few days to let you know though!

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  3. I loved the foxtrot or whatever with the gorgeous beaded dress. It was delightful. I always hate to see anyone go. Lisa~

  4. Ahmagads, just saw Sasha and what'shisfaces dance. (I can never remember.) I haven't caught up on Hulu yet, but that was amazing. LOVED IT!