Friends! Don't be disappointed with this entry; I know that I haven't been showing recent projects lately, but that's because I've had stuff to say! In the meantime, my projects are stacking up so I'll have lots to share soon! :)

 But onto another topic near and dear to my heart....

It's no secret that I'm a  So You Think You Can Dance NUT! I even went to a taping for Season 2 (has it been that long?!), here's proof-

 Please ignore my face, it was the only still I could get and I look kinda WEIRD! 
Wow, this was in 2006! Time flies when you keep having kids!

 But yep, there I am. It was such a blast. See, that's the neat thing about living in California-you're an arm's length from the entertainment industry! You can see show tapings, catch a glimpse of celebrities here and there, and you can even go to a lot of famous spots that you see on TV! 

 ANYwhoo. Back to the point here.

 These are my THREE  favorite dances EVER from So You Think You Can Dance.
(click play to view videos)

All time Favorite

Second Favorite

Third Favorite

I'm so excited that a new season started! I still can't believe it's Season 8, but I'll go with it! My favorite Choreographer is Wade Robson, who teaches at Millennium Dance Complex which is in, YOU GUESSED IT, Southern California!

So! Do YOU like "So You Think You Can Dance"?


  1. I'm a SYTYCD fanatic too! Oooh, and Wade Robson, don't get me started LOL! I ♥ all 3 of those that you posted, but I think I have to add Chelsie and Mark's Bleeding Love routine to the list too :)

  2. Hi, I just landed here from Paisley Passions Wandering Wednesday blog hop. I'm a brand new follower.

    I don't want to show but I love your enthusiasm about it. ;)

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  3. HA! yes, i am obsessed with this show and have seen every season for years. I haven't watched this week yet, but it is on my DVR for Friday night (for a date with my husband ;)

    i love that you went to season 2 taping! hahaha, awesome.

    BTW, just found you via the blog hop. you can follow me @ http://www.spearmintbaby.com/

  4. I'm completely crazy about SYTYCD! My husband says to me, "WHY do you watch that weird show?!"

    Two reasons: 1) I am awestruck by what these talented people can do with their bodies. It is amazing. 2) I was meant to be a dancer...in my mind.....without any talent.


  5. I love SYTYCD! BUT I hated when they made it more like DWTS and made them dance with stars from other seasons, do you know if they are doing that again this year? I think I am just not smart enough to figure out who the dancer from the other season is and who the new one is!

    I watched until last year when they changed it and I will try to watch this year no matter what because I love it but I am not sure that I can judge correctly that way! Which way did you like better?