Dyed kicks

 I got this MARVELOUS idea from Sweet Verbena, who does an AMAZING tutorial along with the idea! However, I like to play so I thought I'd give it a whirl even though I think my version is kinda crappy. Oh well! It happens right?!

 So I bought these sweet little things at Target, because dumb ole Walmart had my size, but they were all dirty and GROSS! So $9.00 later, I had these plain Janes.

I bought RIT from Walmart for $1.66

 And Prepared it.

 Wet my shoes, threw them in...and then left them in TOO long! 

They were a deep yellow color. And not cute. So after some trial and error with a spray bottle filled with bleach, I ended up with This!

(only pics I could get by myself, hah!)

  I like them. I obviously don't know how to use fabric dye, and I'm annoyed by it. But it's done, and they're cute shoes to throw on and run out of the house with! 

You win some, you lose some. Whaddaya gonna do? 

Oh yeah, and THREE more days until my birthday! *does dance*


  1. Um...those are adorable!!!!!
    I've seen those around this week and wondered how the look was achieved.... I may have to hit up Target on my lunch break.

  2. Brilliant frugal craft idea!

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  3. Hey at least you tried. I was thinking about doing this for me & my daughter as a "project" during thge summer. I think your are cute!!!

  4. OK...so I found your blog through a link party and it is seriously so cool! I love these shoes! I think they turned out great! You have some great ideas and I can't wait to read more! I am your newest follower and I would love it if you would come check out my blog and follow me too! thanks!

  5. They look awesome! I really love the effect the bleach gave them. So glad you were inspired by my post (:

  6. Thanks for linking up! I've always been a little afraid to dye my own stuff...maybe I'll give it a try. I have some plans for cheesecloth! :)


  7. Wow! Simple thing to do and those kicks are kicking! Found you via Cherished Bliss link up, lovely blog you've got here!


  8. SO cute! Gave shoes a whole new springy look!

  9. I like them exactly the way they turned out....I so never thought about good old RIT dye....may have to do ones that look like blue jeans ...great and honest tutorial!

  10. Sometimes mistakes end up turning out awesome! These are so great, and much more personality than plain yellow :)

  11. Oh, my gosh, you are too funny!!! Thanks for posting and keeping all this crafty stuff real. I try to post my stuff that turns out not that great. I like the color of the sneakers. It never occurred to me to dye sneakers but isn't that fun? Take care,

  12. I think these turned out adorable. I can't wait to try this!

  13. love these and my glue gun too!

    Would love to see you link up at my new party that will run through Sunday!


  14. i am LOVING this and am heading to wallyworld tomorrow to pick up a pair! fingers crossed they turn out ;) happy weekend! xo

  15. These are so cute!!

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  16. Egad. These are super cute. Would it be immature for a 36 year year old to do this and then paint daisies on the sides?

  17. oh my gosh! I love them "after" the bleach!