Platinum blonde hair? Yes, please!

 Hello my friends!

 Today I want to share a video I made on how to get your hair to a platinum blonde!

 It's my first video ever, so be nice :)




Board and batten in world's smallest bathroom!

Hi there!

 Today I want to share with you my "Master" bathroom. 

We have one of those bathrooms where the sink, cabinet, etc is separated by a door from the shower and toilet. 

The bath area is small. I mean, tiny tiny tiny small. So small, we had to actually reverse the door to open outward because you could barely get OUT of the bathroom! So crazy.

But since it's such a small space, I was able to do the board and batten quickly and inexpensively! 

I bought a couple of 1x4s and went to work! Seriously, it's so easy. You space them the distance that you'd like them, and once secured, place a 1x4 across the top! I caulked the small gaps between the wall and the board, so it'll look smooth!

 After some paint and some hooks, I think it looks great! Much more welcoming now :)


GORGEOUS Entryway Table

Hello hello!

Today I want to share with you my entry way table.

 We got the plans from Ana White's Rustic X Console Design, but because I needed it to be a specific size I altered the measurements a bit! 

 I LOVE the way it turned out--it's a PERFECT fit for the entry way! I ended up painting it white, and staining the top with an ebony stain. We also only did one crossbar, I think it still looks AMAZING!

The "book" on top is actually a charging station for our phones and tablets :)

If you're intimidated by the thought of building your own furniture, don't be! Ana White does an amazing job describing step by step how to build the piece, and even has plan pictures! AWESOME!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


C'mon, FALL!

Hey everyone!

 So I'm trying to encourage fall weather to show itself here in Southern California...but dangit, it just won't come! It's been so hot here, and based on weather reports, it's not letting up anytime soon.

 Right now I'm envious of those who are getting fall weather all around the country. But in the meantime, I've decided I will DECORATE for fall, and then when it finally comes, I'll be prepared!

Diggin' my new rug I got from Walmart for $25 bucks! SCORE!

No, those are not crumbs, they're chips that I need to fix--these kids! Can't have anything nice ;-)

Lovin' all the orange and yellow going on at my house! 

So c'mon fall! I'm ready for ya!