The 5 minute earrings!

Hi everyone! 

 Today I want to share with you how to make the easiest.earrings.EVER.

 Here's some background info first....

 I don't wear earrings. Like, EVER. I have many holes in my ears, but I don't wear earrings anymore because I just feel WEIRD wearing them. Like I look funny. 

(I do, however, have my tragus pierced, but I've had those for years now, and don't consider them dressy earrings)

 Well, I want to branch out. Live on the wild side. Be fashionable, and wear earrings. But picky, I am. 

 So I'm going to share with you earrings that I made in 5 (yes, FIVE) minutes!

I took these cute little charms found in the jewelry dept at Michael's for $2.79 and a pair of ugly earrings that came with a necklace I bought awhile back.

 I took off the beads on the earrings, used a jump ring to attach the actual earring to each charm, and there it was! A gorgeous set of earrings for $2.79!

 When I wore them out and asked my boys how they looked, they laughed...HARD. They're just not used to seeing me with earrings. I'm very tomboyish when I'm not dressed up. But the longer I leave them in, the more I like them.

 Here's to a future in earrings!



Hi all! Are you enjoying your summer so far? We are! Seems we're keeping busy, which is always fun. The weather is becoming REALLY hot though, so we're keeping the air running almost all day! Desert living at its finest!

 So today I'm gonna share with you a simple nail technique that I picked up on another blog...it's so easy, ANYONE can do it!

I'm not a scrapbooker, so when I picked up a few of those REALLLLLYYY small punches at Michael's for $1 each, I thought,"What'd I buy these for?!" Well now I know! Nail art!

 You can use whatever design you want, and make a super cute shape on your nail! Here's how!

 I used some masking tape, stamped a design onto it, and VOILA!

 And isn't that color so cute?! It's just a basic wet n wild color, but I use a good base coat and top coat I got from Sally Beauty Supply. I'm loving my summer nail color!

What's your favorite summer nail color?


*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Hi everyone! I'm here, even though I've been quiet for WEEKS!

 I celebrated my 30th birthday last week, and celebrate we did! I went on a trip to Solvang, CA with my Husband! It was so wonderful!

Solvang, CA

We also have my fabulous Mother In Law staying with us until Saturday, so we've been busy doing things and enjoying this HOT weather we have!

 I'll try to have new things up soon, but I can't promise I'll be too active-Summer is just SO MUCH FUN!

Love you all!