Sweet Redemption!

Well hello there!

So since I last shared, I have been busy figuring out a solution to my problem. My problem being a destroyed table top.

First things first- I had to take a grinder and literally GRIND OFF the epoxy resin from the table top. 4 layers of it. FOUR. It took hours! By the time I was finished, the backyard was COVERED in epoxy dust. As well as myself. 

After clearing off the table top of the dust, I was so sad and disheartened to see the grinder left dents in the table. I painted it black several times, and it was still very obvious. Defeated, I decided to just leave it and let it give the table "character". AKA, I HATE IT. But other than ripping off the table top and building a new one on top of the base (which I was seriously considering doing), there was nothing else I could do.

In the meantime, I develop this rash on my hand. Clear, blister like hives. After a day, my whole body is covered in them.

Turns out, I'm allergic to epoxy resin and paint thinner! WOW! I'm a fool and didn't think to put on gloves when working with the Envirotex. And then when I tried to get it off, I used paint thinner. On MY HANDS. So after a Dr. visit, I was now informed and clearly aware of my skin's sensitivty to harsh chemicals.

(PLEASE be careful with epoxies! ALWAYS wear gloves and a mask)

 Moving on.

The table sat in the garage until I got the bright idea-a loud pattern will cancel out the imperfections. Yes, this should work! So after a short amount of time perusing the internet, I decided upon a chevron pattern.

 2 rolls of painters tape, ripped off paint due to painters tape, hand touching up each.and.every.line, 3 coats of polycrylic and 238756342875621983 tears later, she's finished!

Here's a reminder of what the table looked like before-
(I should have never messed with it! Live and learn...)

And here it is after!

As you can see, it's far from perfect. There's many imperfections since I don't have a straight hand and I had to free hand every line, but it's finished. And I'm no longer using a folding card table as a dining table. And it adds character--the kind I like!

 I'm happy with the results. And will be until we decide to build the Farmhouse Table. Which will probably be within the next year (cover your eyes, honey!).


I've failed.

Have you ever had a ginormous fail that wasn't redeemable, that cost alot of money and has brought you to tears?


 Well I have.

 This Envirotex Lite. UGH. It did me in. It got the best of me. It ruined me.

 I've cried, screamed, stewed, stomped, and cried some more. I am so upset about it. Mainly because of the effort I put into making this thing work. ALLLLL week long.

It all started with me being tired Tuesday morning and buying the satin polycrylic instead of the clear gloss. Tuesday night, I kept painting coat after coat going, "Why isn't this stuff shining up?!?!?" Only to realize it was satin. Duh.

Then I got the bright idea, how about I give it a GLOSSY bar top finish?! So I invested in 2 boxes of envirotex lite. The countertop tutorials made it seem easy enough! 

So Wednesday morning, I went at it. And it looked like crap. So I thought, ok, I need to do another coat after 24 hours. Thursday morning, went to Michael's AGAIN, got another box and applied it. STILL looked like crap and I ran out. So I ran to Michael's for the THIRD TIME in 24 hours and bought ANOTHER box, and applied it this morning. And guess what?!?!?!

 It STILL looks like crap.

I'm trying to muster up the good attitude that says, "Hey, everyone makes mistakes. It was an oops..let's move on." But right now, I can't.

 I'm still ticked. So I'll come back and read this in a few months and hopefully laugh at how mad I was.

In the meantime, I'm going to buy a strong solvent and grind this crap off with a putty knife. And start ALLLLLL over again. With a GLOSS polycrylic this time.

Word of advice--if you're not comfortable with the idea of working with this stuff, DON'T. I don't know if it's just me or what, but this stuff is HARD to work with! If you've had success with using stuff like this, especially on countertops, way to go. I envy you. But I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever touch this stuff again.

Happy Friday, friends.


Envirotex Lite--I SHALL conquer thee!

Busy Busy Busy.

 Stopping in to tell you that I have one of my most epic fails yet going on as I type this, and it involves this sweet little product--

Lord, have mercy!!!

Hopefully I will be able to share it with you in about a week or so. 

I'm on my 4th box...please, please let this box be the last box that will be able to redeem this project.

Oh, what project, you ask?

 Here's a hint: