SYTYCD Thursday #1

WOOOOHOOOOO! It's the FIRST official SYTYCD Party! I know that a LOT of you watch SYTYCD on DVR, and that's okay! Just come back here when you catch up, and participate!

 So let's get this party started!

Last night was filled with some awesome dances! My favorites were these:

This was a beautiful piece choreographed by Travis Wall!

 And this one has my favorite, Melanie, in it! Another beautiful number by Travis Wall! Although I wasn't crazy about the body makeup, lol

 I'm beginning to think Travis has totally taken over as my favorite choreographer; It's really between him and Wade Robson. I think Wade is AMAZING, but I also love that Travis came from the show and has grown leaps and bounds, becoming an AWESOME choreographer!

 Here's my fave, Melanie!

Such a cutie patootie! :)

Now it's your turn!

Which dances did you like? Which didn't you like?

Who are your favorites so far? Who are you not crazy about? Who do you think is going home tonight?

I personally think Iveta is going home....I found it kind of weird that the first voting dance she did was one that she was completely familiar with. Hmmm...

Can't wait to see what happens tonight!!!


  1. I love Sasha and Melanie as well. Actually, Sasha is from the town I live in so I felt like I had to cheer for her. But, then last night I discovered that she was AMAZING, and I was happy. I love Travis too! He's awesome, and I feel like I know him since I have watched every show of each season. :) I'm also really happy to have Mary Murphy back. But, now where is Mia??? A couple of seasons ago they had a disagreement onair, that didn't seem that huge. But, I have noticed since then that they rarely appear on the show at the same time anymore. Hmmmmm. Thanks for posting about SYTYCD, I look forward to the show each Summer.

  2. Melanie is great. Cannot stand Sasha. Hope she goes real soon.

  3. I am just now watching it... see I told you I watch it WAY after! I am going to go on record to say that I always love the hip hop dances the most. My favorite was Chris and Ashley dancing to "Forget You" OMGoodness, I loved it!

    Melanie is super cute and she did great too!

  4. I should have waited until it was over to comment! I also love the quick step at the end with Iveta and Nick, so fun!