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We all know about the demise of google reader. Ridic if you ask me. But whadda ya gonna do, yanno?

 Anyway, I'm sure the majority of you have found an alternative way to read your blogs. Me, I've chosen TheOldReader. After testing out a few different readers, this is the one I decided to go with. But there are quite a few out there.

I don't want to lose you. I love you. Like, REALLY LOVE YOU. So let's continue to be blogging friends!

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 I hope this helped, and I look forward to continuing to blog with you! :)


Firmoo Sponsored Post

Hey folks!

 I'm sure you've heard of Firmoo before--they are a super cool eyewear company that offers AMAZING prices for all your eyewear needs! I've worked with them before, and I can't tell you how much I love them! 

 Today, I want to share a pair of glasses that my Husband received! 

 Normally, he wears contact lenses. But with the vast selection of frames Firmoo offers, He has actually enjoyed wearing his glasses! I love these frames on him--VERY hipster, in my opinion!

 Not your style? That's okay! They have TONS of different frames to choose from! Check some out here!

They even have this nifty little tool to try them on--you can use either the models with different haircolor/skintones provided, or upload your own photo.

 And last but not least, RAD sunglasses--SCORE!

When you sign up and place an order with Firmoo, your first pair is FREE! You can't beat that!

So check them out today! LOVIN' Firmoo, and I'm sure you will too!

The glasses were sent to me for free by Firmoo, to review. All opinions are my own. You can also participate in Firmoo's affiliate program, click here for more info.


DIY Nightstands!


 I am totally alive, and totally out here! 

 When I just looked and saw the last time I posted, I was SHOCKED. Tsk Tsk. I've been busy with life and schtuff. But I've been reading you all's blogs, and crafting/building like a madwoman! And of course, now it's SUMMER so that means we'll be busy doing family stuff! But I'll try to put together some posts of some stuff I've done over the past few months.

 SO! Today, I want to share with you some nightstands I built!

 Little back story-- I'm REALLY into woodworking right now. I LOVE it. I love being able to operate the compound miter saw on my own--no more nagging hubby to make my cuts, which he's delighted about. HAH! I love seeing designs over at www.ana-white.com, and either building things based off of her designs or redesigning it to my desired specifications (ooooh, I sounds SUPER smart right now!) and building it. 

 I had recently decided I wanted new nightstands, but they usually are so expensive! So I went to ikea to check out their lack side table. While they're simple, they are WAAAAY too short to be used as nightstands in our bedroom. So I brainstormed a little bit, and thought--I could BUY the tables, get some 2x2s and make my own legs, making it taller. And THEN I was like, what are you thinking? Just build ones that tickle your fancy! So off to Ana White's site to find some plans.

I found THESE plans, and fell in love. Only I wanted them to be a little bit wider. So I adjusted the measurements, made my cuts and starting building!

Here's my lumber for ONE nightstand

And here's the finished product!

(Those lamps are getting a paintjob, pronto!)

I LOVVVVEEEE them! Yes, there's two, but you get the idea. They were pretty simple to make, following the step by step plans from Ana. They actually took a few days, from building, to wood putty, sanding, painting and staining. But SOOO worth it!

And each nightstand cost a total of....

Are you ready for this?

I'm still in awe over the fact that I built them myself, and that they are as pretty, if not prettier, than some you purchase in the stores for 100+ a nightstand!

If you are comfortable operating a saw (or coercing your hubby to do it), and building it yourself, I would TOTALLY suggest you do it. You save a ton of money, get a quality piece of furniture out of it and a sense of accomplishment that's PRICELESS!

Happy summer friends!