SYTYCD Thursdays!

 Ok, while I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last night, I remembered how many bloggers like the show, and thought, let's party together!

 So! Every THURSDAY starting next week, I will have a SYTYCD Party @ I Heart My Glue Gun! We'll discuss the dances from the night before, what we liked, what we didn't like, WHO we like, WHO we don't like....everything SYTYCD! And then, we can share our disappointment/excitement about who went home! Every Thursday at 5pm or so, I will post the party!

Haven't watched the show before? Well now would be the perfect time to start! It's just starting, so you haven't missed much and what you HAVE missed, they recap! The show airs on Wed. @ 8pm and Thur. @ 8pm!

 Here's a button you can share on your blog to help raise awareness so EVERYONE who loves SYTYCD can come join the fun!

I HEART My Glue Gun

 So whadda ya think? Would you come party with me?