SYTYCD Thursday #2

 Ok, so there was some AMAZING dances last night!

Here are some that I like-

Lovin' this dance with Ryan and Ricky, even though it's slightly risque, but it's impeccably choreographed. Just LOOOVVVVE Mandy Moore!

Stacey Tookie number with Caitlynn and Mitchell was beautiful as well!

 I am amazed at just how many contemporary dancers there are this season! It is my all time favorite style of dance...I love how beautiful, graceful and STRONG contemporary is! It takes serious strength to be a contemporary dancer.

And of course I LOOOOVVVEEE my girl Melanie, this is probably my favorite routine of the night, and look! It's not a contemporary piece! hah!

 So now it's your turn! What did you like? What didn't you like? Who do you think is going home? There's supposed to be FOUR people going home tonight....EEK!

Edit-The people who went home were...
highlight in the parenthesis to see who they are!
(Wadi, Nick, Iveta, and Missy)

Thoughts? I'm happy with who got to stay!!! :)