SYTYCD Thursday #6

Hey everyone! I'm back, and EXHAUSTED. I could have never imagined how much work it would be to "vacation" with a 23 month old and an 11 month old. WOW. But more on that later!

 It's time for So You Think You Can Dance Thursdays!

Here's the ones I LOVED-

ABSOLUTE FAVORITE because it involves one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE dancers, Allison! Such a beautiful dance!

AND LOVE Kathryn! Such a beautiful dancer! This piece was AWESOME.

Thought this piece was beautiful as well. I usually have an "issue" with Jordan, but this was danced so amazingly, I just love it :) It helps that Brandon was dancing it too, one of the most skilled dancers I have seen in my LIFE.

 So how about you? What did you like? Which didn't you like? Has a dancer finally grown on you? Are you happy with the Top 10?

As for me, still lovin' Melanie! Although I wasn't crazy about the Viennese waltz. I'm also not a fan of the hip hop routines, they are my least favorite dance styles.
I think the Top 10 are amazing dancers, and am pleased with who remains! :)


  1. Sasha did a great Job With Twitch! I Liked the style and the feeling of real connection worked for me to make her my Choice

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  3. you have the cutest blog ever im diving in to read some more great posts. so glad i stumbled across it!