SYTYCD Thursday #6

Hey everyone! I'm back, and EXHAUSTED. I could have never imagined how much work it would be to "vacation" with a 23 month old and an 11 month old. WOW. But more on that later!

 It's time for So You Think You Can Dance Thursdays!

Here's the ones I LOVED-

ABSOLUTE FAVORITE because it involves one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE dancers, Allison! Such a beautiful dance!

AND LOVE Kathryn! Such a beautiful dancer! This piece was AWESOME.

Thought this piece was beautiful as well. I usually have an "issue" with Jordan, but this was danced so amazingly, I just love it :) It helps that Brandon was dancing it too, one of the most skilled dancers I have seen in my LIFE.

 So how about you? What did you like? Which didn't you like? Has a dancer finally grown on you? Are you happy with the Top 10?

As for me, still lovin' Melanie! Although I wasn't crazy about the Viennese waltz. I'm also not a fan of the hip hop routines, they are my least favorite dance styles.
I think the Top 10 are amazing dancers, and am pleased with who remains! :)


  1. Sasha did a great Job With Twitch! I Liked the style and the feeling of real connection worked for me to make her my Choice

  2. you have the cutest blog ever im diving in to read some more great posts. so glad i stumbled across it!