Are You A No Reply Commenter?

 Ok,  I've seen stuff on this time and time again, so I thought that the majority of blog commenters were "in the know". However, I keep getting comments and when I go to reply to them, I can't! Know why?

 Because some of you guys don't display an email in your profile! Now, I could understand choosing to do this if you felt like it was a privacy issue...totally get that. But if that's the case, then you can always create a FREE email strictly for blogging.

 I can't tell you how bad I feel when someone compliments me or my blog, and when I go to respond...I can't! GAH! I am usually thinking,"I hope they don't think I'm a blog snob who enjoys the comments but can't find the second it takes to reply back..."

 I really enjoy your comments! So give me the chance to get back to YOU! 

 My girl over at Eisy Morgan gives you a step by step on how to fix this! So check it out HERE!


Let me throw a couple of other things out there!

1. I am WELL aware that I reached 500 followers. I am so excited, and I have some awesome giveawayS in the works to commemorate this, so you better be perusing my blog and checking back to see if I posted them yet!

2. We went over to some friends last night for dinner, and stayed till TEN. TEN! They were such gracious hosts, but I'm sure they were like,"Leave already, people!" 

HOWEVER: Due to the fact that we weren't home, I didn't get to watch SYTYCD! So hopefully I can catch up today or tomorrow and post....or maybe I'll bundle it all up next week. Not sure yet...but Forgive me! :)

 Almost Friiiiday!


  1. Some of my best material I write in reply to no-reply commenters who never get to see it because I never get to send it :)

  2. Good thoughts on the no-reply commenting. Thanks.

    SYTYCD was good. I like Travis being a judge. Why not? He's an amazing dancer. It makes me wonder what has happened to some of the other past contestants.

    I like it more now that it gets harder to decide who should go home. I am not really attached to any of them at this point. Usually I have a couple of early favorites. Lisa~

  3. My email is attached to my profile. Thankfully.

    Your signs are great. Great verses to choose too!

    I am visiting from the Meet Me Monday bloghop. It is nice to "meet" you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  4. Congrats on the milestone! New facebook and GFC follower stopping by from the Saturday Stalk.

    Kim @ 2 Kids and a Coupon