SYTYCD Thursday #4 & #5

Oh gosh, I have neglected poor SYTYCD! I've been SO incredibly busy this week! Between opening up my etsy shop, to working on decorations and planning my sweet daughter's SECOND birthday party Saturday, to getting ready to go on vacation SUNDAY...CRAZY!

 But I need to make up for missing last week, so let's get goin'!

Last week's Melanie and Marko Dance=LOVE.

I thought this one was danced impeccably by Mitchell and Caitlynn!

And the people who went home last week were:
Ashley and Chris

Now onto this week!

Loved this Paso Doble with Sascha and Alexander!

I thought Caitlynn and Mitchell's dance was kinda weird and didn't give me the impression that it was representing children needing to be freed.

And, of course, my girl Melanie! So so amazing, and it was by far my favorite dance!

So how about you? Which ones did YOU like? Which ones didn't you like?

 The dancers who went home are: (highlight below to see)
Ryan and Alexander


  1. for some reason Im having a hard time connecting to a dancer this year. I don't know why they are all talented but... I don't Know.

    The Choreography IS m Favourite part This Year

  2. Really? I felt like that in Season 4....but I don't know, I'm just blown away by Melanie's talent!

    I love the choreography too-especially when it's Wade Robson! Excited about some of the All Stars too :)

  3. Hi. Found you at the Stalk Remix. Now I'm a follower!

  4. Hello! I'm your new follower from Fancy Friday Blog Hop! Thanks,

  5. do you do this every week? gonna have to pop in more. i'm your newest follower. i don't have time to watch the show when it's on, but now i can catch up! too awesome!

    thanks for stopping by the other day!

  6. Wade Robson, Sonya Tayeh, Mia Michaels.... BESt Choreography!