Guest Blogger #1: Natalia @ Ma Nouvelle Mode

Hello I Heart my Glue Gun Readers!  I am happy to be here today!  Let me give you a quick intro.  My name is Natalia and I blog over at Ma Nouvelle Mode (it means 'my new style' in French).  I live in France, in case you were wondering where the name came from, and finally found a craft store this year! 

 I am going to share with you a practical project I created a bit ago.  Super easy, too!  Grab those glue guns!

I started with a frame from Ikea, not the cheapest, I am sure most of you would be able to find some cheaper at a yard sale or good will or something.  We don't have those here, so Ikea it is. 

Something for backing (i.e. burlap, scrapbook paper, some other material)
Letters or stencils
Razor for cutting straight lines
Cup of tea or coffee!  :)

 Start by gluing the backing of your choice to the back of the frame.  As you can see here, I chose to use a different backing for the top where 'MENU' is displayed.  I liked the feel it gave.   

Then go ahead and measure out or eye it (like I do, shhh don't tell!) and glue on MENU letters. Like I said, you could use a stencil as well, or if you have a cricut or a silhouette, those would be great too.

Et voila! I added the letters for the days, a little rope on the top for hanging, and I already had the hook. I have dry erase markers from my son's easel and there were two black markers, so one is going toward the menu board! You just erase it with a paper towel or tissue. Super easy.
please ignore the dishes in the sink... I hate doing the dishes.
 Finished project. Super easy, cute, and practical! Of course my husband still isn't too convinced I will be using it. I will have to prove him wrong!
Thank you so much for reading along with me!  I would love for you to stop by 'my place' any time!


  1. I really like the menu board!
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  2. Hi I am a new follower from the uk
    Loved your blog
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  3. oh wow, love the Menu board you made, a great idea! just popped by from Ma Nouvelle Mode. you're so crafty! Susan @ http://tea-diary.blogspot.com