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We interrupt your programming for this special report:

 I am in a FOUL mood.

 I went to wash my hair and style it today....and it is NOT cooperating. 

 It went from THIS:


And I'm hotter than a hornet about it!

I'm so used to throwing it up in a ponytail and going about my day. But it's looking like this style's gonna take work. 

 I won't lie, I'm kind of regretting it today. But in all honesty, it HAD to be done. After my recent relaxer and coloring, it started breaking and was extremely damaged. So off it came. 

 Oh goodness, I hope I become a master stylist, SOON.


  1. I wish I could chop all my hair off and look cute like that! I mean you of course!

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  3. Hi, I'm a new follower. I've enjoyed checking out your blog! Your hair is cute like that, i wish my hair would look good short.

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  4. Janet have you ever heard of carol's Daughter? it's an all natural hair line, started by an African American woman here in NYC. I use a few of their products, they vary and are not all necessarily only for African American hair. I use their curl system and this leave in called Marguerites Magic, I swear by them. they help with managing my hair a lot.