A good day to be glad!

 My wonderful Husband met a man from craigslist today for a new lens-and it's PERFECT! Soooo happy
and relieved. It's nice to have my camera functioning again...now if I can JUST.BE.CAREFUL! I got it for a steal, and it was still in its box! Oh, how I LOVE craigslist. Hence the blog name, teehee!

 I want to share with you guys that are visiting (and I KNOW you are, say Hi!) my hallway. It's a teaser, because it will not be all the way finished until tomorrow, but let's take a look at the progress so far!


 Please take note of the arrows. I'm just a mess-look! Door ajar, FREAKY dino staring into the camera, clothes by our girls' room,  and the HIDEOUS gold hall lights-ugh! I'll be spraying those Krylon ORB this weekend, so excited for their transformation! I'll definitely document the progress.

 Not too sure what's going on with the ceiling, I promise we don't have stains! And are you frightened by the tiles? I AM! Ignore it though, that's what I do. FOR NOW.

                                          Semi-after (still in progress)

 OHMIGOSH! Looks 3498574396704 times better already, don't you think?! Please excuse the wood laying all around, was trying to figure something out. The color is distorted, but the top is a neutral color(look above the second hall light to get an idea of the ACTUAL color), and the bottom is white. Where the painter's tape is will be boxes we'll be making with the new toy I bought my hubby today, he was beside himself! Well, I am too. But I need to watch first before operating. I am DEFINITELY liable to cut off a finger. That's just me.


So stay tuned for the finished product-go ahead, follow me! I promise I don't bite :) PLEASE don't miss my giveaway, which you can find Here. It's something free, people! FREE! Can't get better than that!

 Happy Friday!

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EDIT @ 2/21 9:31pm-We're home from our trip and the hallway was finished late Saturday Night! WILL have pics up tomorrow, SO excited to share the finished hallway!!! :)


  1. Looks great. Love a before/after. Those pictures, etc. really warm up the space and make it look lived in...just like home. Have fun with your new power saw....be CAREFUL!

  2. looking awesome I love all the great pictures they make a house a home

  3. Wow! Loving it already. I can't wait to see what you do on the bottom. You have inspired me to start decorating my drab hallway!!! :)