Behind Every Name..

There's a story.

 So, I feel obligated to share why I refer to myself as the craigslist queen.

 I get EVERYTHING off of craigslist. I mean, everything. Well, except my clothes. Those come from thrift stores. But all home things-craigslist!

 The other day, one of our students said to me, "Oh Janet, so and so should talk to you about getting a dryer off of craigslist because you get EVERYTHING there." At first, I was a little embarrassed. But then I thought, hey! That's ok. At least the students know I'm frugal and being a wise steward with what God's given us. Hence, the name craigslist QUEEN fits perfect for me :)

 I have to say my BEST craigslist find would be our couches. They are my FAVORITE find! The lady was originally asking $250, and that was out of our budget at the time because we were about to enter escrow-so I emailed her and asked if they didn't sell, if she would take $150 and get back to me if she could. Well after waiting on pins and needles for a few days, she got back to me and sold them to us!

 I LOVVVE the pattern, the color, the feet-everything about them! I didn't get a shot of the loveseat, but I'll explain THAT later.

 Isn't it GORG?! Too bad that ugly tile is showing underneath. But, well, we'll get to it. My Husband just so happens to be an AMAZING tile layer, but he's not ready to take it on yet. I can deal with that-for now.

 So as I was going to take a pic of the loveseat, my hand got caught up in the camera strap and I watched my beloved bounce on that hideous tile floor SEVEN times. I screamed, picked it up, and saw a big crack on the lens. It was my prayer that the uv filter lens was cracked, and not the actual lens glass. And it WAS the uv filter! PHEW! So I turn on the camera, go to turn the lens to zoom in, and.....it's stuck. I peer into the glass to see the shutter, and there's a piece of plastic flopping all around in there. The shutter's broken. Boo, hiss.

 How sad for me :(  What's REALLY sad is, I replaced that lens 3 weeks ago. The last one broke because my husband was messing around with it, and the teeth on one of the gears stripped. So two lenses in a month. GREAAAT.

 It's been one of those weeks. But it'll get better, it's Wednesday! Which means it's almost over!

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  1. Awesome! I will have to watch and learn how to use C-List better:) Glad to be a follower and looking forward to getting to know you better in blog land! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!