My gorgeous "buffet"!

I've been looking lately for a hutch that I could score for a steal on craigslist. They seem to be hard to come by....when I DO see them for a good price, they're snatched up QUICK. I have this area that was built by the previous owners obviously for a hutch.

         PLEASE excuse the horrendous faux brick laminate, I guess it was "in", but the painters seemed to not think so because they got paint ALL OVER IT! I'll cover that hot mess in due time..

So Tuesday, as I'm perusing craigslist like a ravenous lion, a dresser pops up. He's asking $80 OBO. I arrange going down there (45 min. away), and after lining up a sitter to watch our four kiddos, getting them TO the sitters and taking out all the van seats, we were off!

Let me back up for a minute-I always feel bad about these spur of the moment finds that seem to drive my Husband batty, but with craigslist, you HAVE to be quick like a cougar ready to pounce because others out there are just as quick! You gotta be faster! And to save a buck, I'm pretty darn fast!

So! We get there, and the house is pretty barren. It turns out, he's going through a divorce and his soon-to-be-ex wants him to sell all her stuff she left behind. So he was MORE than happy to take $65 for it! I felt sad for him, but glad that I got to take home such a gorgeous piece!

And guess what? It fits PERFECTLY in the nook thingee! I'm tickled pink!

It's going to act as a buffet, because well, I can't find a hutch, and now I'm thinking I'm going to do something amazing above it, so I'm okay with that.

Here it is untouched-it has LOADS of potential! I can't wait to go to town on it!

L.O.V.E. I.T.!!

Goodnight, everyone!


  1. I have a dresser like this that was $10 at an auction. It's sat for a few years in all it's out of date glory, but this summer, it's going to get a wonderful make over.

    I have a hutch that isn't quite along the same lines, but thinking if the color is the same, it just might work.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. i am looking for something like this too....every one i've seen on CL has been over 100.00... :( sometimes people sell hutches separately. keep watch. they don't have to match either.....have you seen this?

    http://www.inthefunlane.com/2011/02/feeling-blue-numbered-and-little.html you need to scroll down a little...

    i can't wait to see what you do with it.

    hugs, cindy

  3. I have to laugh, as my husband inherited an entire set of dressers, nightstands, lingerie chest, all from his ex-wife as well. After a few go arounds with them, I decided to just be rid of them, as I felt they brought bad karma to our home. Sold all 5 pieces for $65. Thus the reason for laughing...at myself! Seems I could have gotten a lot more! Good luck with your piece...let me know if the hardware is embedded into the drawer fronts like mine was...a pain to remove without destroying the drawer.
    Great blog by the way, found you via Better After!

  4. I love the lines of your dresser, can't wait to see the makeover!

  5. OMGosh, I think this is the EXACT dresser my parents had growing up! too funny! BTW found your site thru a link at Just a Girl... :)