Oh Disneyland, how we love thee!

March already?! Are you kidding me?! I honestly can't believe it.

 So if you haven't noticed. I talk about Disneyland. Alot. And that's because we GO. Alot.

 We have had annual passes since March 2012 (so we're coming up on our expiration date in a few weeks). It was kind of expensive, but we have never had them before and so we went for it.

 And let me tell you, it was THE BEST investment we have EVER made. Our children enjoyed every visit, and I know we'll forever cherish the year of 2012 when we got to go to Disneyland 23094834059743986 times. Well, at least it SEEMED like we went that often.

 Every.Single.Time we went was like it was the first time for our toddler girls, age 3 and 2. They light up the second we get on the tram, and the light doesn't seem to flicker until we are leaving the park to go home. 

 Their favorite thing seemed to be the parades. Our boys never cared for the parades (now 13 and 9), but the girls squeal and shout at each princess passing by, elated that they got to see their beloved princesses! 

We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays--boy, did we have a blast!

Tired Girl

Our Anniversary visit

Love this one! She was NOT crazy about the ferris wheel at California Adventure. With her Auntie!

So thank you, Disneyland. Thank you for the great fun and memories! 

All opinions are my own; I was not compensated by Disneyland for this post in any way.

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