Lime Green To The Rescue!

 I love beach cruisers. Sure, we don't live by the beach. But we can DRIVE to the beach. And then I can ride my beach cruiser all over the beach! Or, just around my neighborhood. Whatever tickles my fancy.

 So I got this beach cruiser a few years ago for $75 at Walmart.

It was ALRIGHT, but I wanted a pretty, FANCY beach cruiser.

 So I decided to buy a can of Rustoleum's Key Lime spray paint at Home Depot for $4 and went to town!

 I disassembled everything except for the pedals and handle bars, and I wrapped those in plastic and taped them off.

After a few coats of primer, key lime and a clear automotive enamel, we put it back together and I squealed in delight! 


I actually left the rims the original color, but I like it and think it adds character to my bike! Besides, it would have been a PAIN  to try and tape each and every spoke.

 Not bad for under $5!!! Now I'm gonna cruise away, making people GREEN WITH ENVY! ;-)


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  1. Adorable! I love beach cruisers too!

  2. that cute thing is only 75 dollars at walmart? oh man, i want one!