Laminate Flooring-Halfway Done!

Well hello there, friends!

 Here we are, in AUGUST, which means that it's almost my favorite season of the year-FALL!!!! However, that ALSO means we've zoomed through the summer, and the break is coming to an end. Boooooo. 

We are going camping for the first time as a family Thursday. I must say, I'm slightly nervous. But I've read quite a few blogs with camping tips on them, so I believe I'll be a little more prepared and ready to conquer tent camping. And, if all else fails, I'll just hop in my parents' 31 Ft. RV next to us. HAH! Camping with 2 toddlers will be a unique experience, that's for sure!

 So we've been slaving away the past week trying to get our laminate floors in. We're halfway done. The living room and most of the hallway is done; next is the dining area and kitchen. Oh Lord, have mercy on my knees!

 Here's a few pics of our progress-I'm LOVING how it looks. When we're finished, I'll post before and after photos....the tile we covered up (yes, you heard that right: we put laminate OVER TILE) was hideous. JUST HIDEOUS.

We still need to add the molding all around the walls, but we LOVVVEEE the way it's turning out! It looks great....and SO MUCH BETTER than the tile. But oh, you'll see. YOU'LL SEE. 

So it's back to work this weekend! 

Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. The floor looks stunning. The colour is so beautiful :) I am very jealous of your fireplace!