A Sweet Girl's Birthday

Hey guys! I promise you all, I'm reading blogs....just not updating because I'm out there, doing 1290437325894723984723984 things at once! Summer seems to do that to a person.

This past weekend, we celebrated our sweet daughter's 3rd birthday! She's our girl with paralyzed vocal cords....if you haven't read her story, you can read it HERE

 She had a BLAST. I decorated her table....It always seems like pictures never do the finished product justice: it's one of those, you had to be there, things.

 Here's her table-

 The picture was an engineering print from Staples, $3 and some change! I put it on insulation board, and painted the edges. 
The "3" is also insulation board, covered in glue and pink glitter. 
The sticks are spray painted yellow, and decorated with yarn pom poms!
 Paper lollies in the front.
 Painted table cloth 
Painted vases. 
All the works. 

I'll have to do a post about the vases, FROSTED GLASS Spray paint is ahhhhhhSOME! 

It was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, indeed!

Now it's time to plan my next daughter's birthday!
(They're 12 months and 10 days apart. FUN FUN FUN.)

Keep cool, blogging friends!

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  1. Thanks for coming by today and entering! I have a three year old, too! Love the photos!