Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Our youngest turned 2 in August, so I decided that since she LOVVVEEESSS Mickey Mouse, we'd do a Mickey Mouse birthday party! I wanted to keep it minimal because this summer has REALLY worn me out...but less worked out to be more, in this case. 

Here are some pictures of the decorations!

The cake and cupcakes were made by an AMAZING and talented friend, aren't they GREAT?!?!

Super simple decoration: a painted clay pot, tissue paper and mickey mouse cutouts glued to skewers!

The banner was made out of mickey mouse cutouts from posters! Really cheap, and oh, so cute!

The cupcake stand is made of plates and painted candle holders!

 The princess herself! She had a wonderful day! 

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  1. We're going to do a Mickey Mouse theme for our little guy's 3rd party, and I'm really leaning toward cupcakes. I loved the idea for the cupcake stand. That'll be helpful for our party. Thanks!