St. Patrick's Day Banner

Tomorrow's the day! We leave tomorrow to go to Carlsbad, CA for a weekender and to visit Legoland! WOOHOO! So excited, but I think our kids are even MORE excited! I know we'll have a blast!

Today I want to share something I've been seeing around blogland, a cute St. Patrick's Day banner!

 I used construction paper, an old hymnal book we had, and twine-REALLY easy!

 Here's how it went down:

 I traced the clover I printed out on cardstock onto green construction paper

 I cut out some pages from the hymnals

 And then glued the clovers to the hymnal pages

 And there we have it! A cute banner! WOO!

I also added some St. Patrick's Day Printables I found HERE and HERE. I LOVE MY MANTLE!!!!


  1. I've been looking for some banner ideas for St. Patrick's day. Thanks for sharing!