Thrift Store Haul

Boy, did I have a good thrifting day today!

 I woke up this morning, and decided I needed to find a big, ugly lampshade. I have a lamp makeover goin' on in my spare room, which I'll be sharing here when finished. 

 But of course, I found other things while shopping! You know how that goes!

 Here's my haul-
 *Took this pic with my phone, because SOMEONE (hubby) took the camera to work!*

 (And I know you want to judge me because of my insane looking garage. Just refrain for now.)

#1 A set of AMAZING chairs, aren't they so cool?!?!?! They were $9.00 a piece, I snatched them right up. Still deciding what color they'll be, but I know exactly where they're going- on the ends of the dining room table! Can't wait to get started on these!

#2 An 18x24 Frame. I originally got this one at the first thrift store I went to, thinking it would be great for the canvas I'm getting printed. But then I found #3. Not bad for $3.00, I'm sure I'll make use of it!

#3 A 24x36 Frame that's gonna be PERFECT for my canvas! $5.00

#4 That old lampshade I was talking about. After some work, it'll fit in great on my upcycled lamp! $3.00


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