Stuffed Animal Hammock

Hi friends! Hope you all are doing well!

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 I've been pretty quiet around these parts, and that's because we've been doing a complete kitchen overhaul! It.Is.Nuts.!!! We're so close to being finished, but it was so much work!!!! This was our last room in the house that needed to be done-and we didn't touch it for 14 months. But finally, we buckled down and got to work! It looks INCREDIBLE!!! I can't wait to share it with you! So bare with me if my posts are sparse, we're just trying to get this done!

 Ok, wanted to share with you this cute idea I had when trying to figure out WHAT to do with all those pesky stuffed animals that littered our girls room! I'm not crazy about the basic white nets that go in the corner, and I needed to get them OFF the floor and onto the wall, so I decided to do a quick search on google that pulled up THIS POST which got my creative juices flowing! So I present to you:

The Stuffed Animal Hammock!

Supplies needed:

Tulle (got mine at walmart, got 3 yards at $0.97 a yard)
Screw Hooks

What I did was, lay out the tulle and tied a knot at each end, leaving enough tulle to hang down. Then I put the screw hooks in the wall, and attached the back of the knot to it. Don't worry about the hammock being too heavy and pulling the knots out, these are stuffed animals we're talking about!

(trimmed the left side, since it was a hair longer than the right side)

 I then started piling the stuffed animals in the hammock...

 tied the ribbon to the knots, and voila!

 A SUPER CUTE Stuffed Animal Hammock! 

 SO CHEAP and SO CUTE! Just how I like my crafts!

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  1. It looks adorable! Glad I could inspire! Great job =)

  2. I'm definetly going to do this! My daughter has one whole wall in her bedroom lined with stuffed animals along the floor. This would be a much better approach! Thanks again!!!

  3. That is so cute!! Great idea for all those stuff animals. Can't wait to see your kitchen reveal! I know it is beautiful!

  4. I have boys so I think tulle will be too girly for them. I love how easy it is though! Do you think knit would work?

  5. How did you attach the knot to the hooks?

  6. I love that you can still see all the animals/dolls so they don't get forgotten. How well has it held up?