No Sew Lace Shirt!

 Hi everyone! Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?! I'm NOT! I still need to get the turkey and supplies...oops! Today I'll do it.

 Anyway! So for Christmas cards, we'll be doing a picture of all the kids and get them printed at Sam's Club

HowEVER, we have a small dilemma on our hands. My dear, SWEET Husband doesn't like our children's clothes to match in pictures. Well, at ANYtime. I know, WEIRD right?! Well, I DO. But I can't just go running around doing things MY WAY all the time, right?!

 So here's what I decided. Two kids will wear white shirts, and two kids will wear black. That way, they're similar, but not all matching! Phew! Glad we solved THAT one.

 For the girls shirts, I decided to spice them up a little bit with lace. So here's what I did!

 No Sew Lace Shirt

Supplies needed:

*Heat N Bond

 It's so super easy. I added the Heat N Bond to the lace, ironed on, and it was done. Seriously!

 Isn't it so cute? I love how simple it is, yet it gives it a little...oomph. 

 I also did this with the baby's black shirt, and used white lace (remember, no matching!). Our pictures are going to be SOOO cute! When we take them, I'll share here :)


 Here they are in their lace shirts! So cute!!! Minus the crying ;-)

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  1. This is adorable.

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    Lisa @


  2. i love it. super cute!!!!!!! is this why i was at gym alone today...lol!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the shirt.
    I'm your newest follower. Would love a follow back

  4. LOVE this idea!!! Lace is the perfect embellishment, I think :) Visiting from COM and wanted to invite you over to my place to link this up to my fashion linky party! It's called DIY Diva Thursdays and we party every TH-M :) HOpe to see you!


  5. I love this idea - the shirt turned out so cute! Thank you for linking up!

  6. This is an adorable embellishment...since I only have boys...I think I'm gonna do this on a shirt for me! Thanks for sharing...it's a great idea!

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  8. I'm curious as to how well these shirts held up. I've got a ton of lace and zero sewing skills but I'm great with iron on stuff and would love to make myself a cute shirt.