Giveaway Winners!

Goodmorning everyone! I am in a good mood, because, well, ONE-I'm almost 100% again! PHEW! This cold/flu REALLY got me this time!! I am going to say that the ONLY thing that got me better was naps! I was on the run all weekend, and I think it really took a toll on me! So I napped everyday since Sunday, and it really helped!

Now onto point TWO- I get to announce the two giveaway winners!

Without further ado, they are-

 I wish I could give each and every one of you a Shur-Line Edge Like A Pro edger! But the good news is, they are SO affordable! I got mine at Home Depot for $4.96 and I PROMISE you-it is worth EVERY penny! It saves you time AND money in the long run! No more painter's tape and having to mask off EVERYTHING!

Pick one up and give it a try-you will LOVE it! They carry it at Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe's. I find that it's the cheapest at Home Depot though!

 Have a fantastic Thursday everyone!

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