So yesterday morning we decided to go check out some garage sales, and we found the most AWESOME chairs for our little bar area in the kitchen! ALL THREE were only $25!! SCOREEE!!!

I'm gonna give them a new coat of paint and distress them, but I LOVE THEM and had to share!

I think they were originally for a high table, but they're perfect there. Oh, and please ignore the crumbs on the floor, I like to take pictures first THEN clean last. *ahem* Yeah, I'm workin' on it.

 So stay tuned for some big changes for me! I've got awesome projects to share, and have also purchased my very own domain! SUPER excited to move over there, but until I have it up and running, I'll keep on updating here. I see I have a LOT of new friends, HI FRIENDS! So glad you're here! 

 I think that calls for a giveaway, so stay tuned for that also!

 My honey and I went on a date last night, it was MUCH needed! We went to claim jumper and even splurged on dessert, yum yum! We had the Lemon Bar Brulee *drools*

And here we are getting in the car, giddy with joy and about to floor it away from the house!

 Happy Sunday, friends! See you guys tomorrow!!