Board and batten in world's smallest bathroom!

Hi there!

 Today I want to share with you my "Master" bathroom. 

We have one of those bathrooms where the sink, cabinet, etc is separated by a door from the shower and toilet. 

The bath area is small. I mean, tiny tiny tiny small. So small, we had to actually reverse the door to open outward because you could barely get OUT of the bathroom! So crazy.

But since it's such a small space, I was able to do the board and batten quickly and inexpensively! 

I bought a couple of 1x4s and went to work! Seriously, it's so easy. You space them the distance that you'd like them, and once secured, place a 1x4 across the top! I caulked the small gaps between the wall and the board, so it'll look smooth!

 After some paint and some hooks, I think it looks great! Much more welcoming now :)

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  1. My "master bath is a 5' X 5' half-bath, lol. Our full bath is the same floor size plus the tub size, 5' by 2.5?' Hubs had the tiler put the tile I chose just for the floor up the walls a bit over 4'. Too dark for my liking in a room with no window. but it is what it is :-)