Pepto Abysmal Chair

Ok, I know what you're thinking. 


You update on average once a month. ONCE-A-MONTH.




(well, maybe not all those things. I am my worst critic, after all.)

What can I say? I've become so busy this past couple of months. In fact, at this very moment, my nine year old is saying to me (while I'm typing, mind you) "What's for dinner? Huh? Pizza? Lasagna? Huh? HUH?!?"

 You see? Life doesn't stop so I can blog. Such is life.

 But I've been doing lots of projects. Building toddler beds from scratch, making the girls dresses, spray painting new life into old things, making cute table runners....I'm DOING it! I'm just not BLOGGING about it.

 But today! Oh, today.....I'm gonna share with you a project that tickles me pink. But a gross pink. Hence, the Pepto Abysmal chair.

So I found this chair when we were vacationing at our family owned condo in Long Beach, Ca. I was walking into the foyer of the complex after we parked coming home from the Queen Mary and that's where I saw it-a filthy, Pepto Bismol pink chair. It was sitting in a well known spot for tenant's free junk.

 My husband walked by it, turned back and gave me the glare that spoke,"Don't you even THINK about it." So what did I do? I slowed down, let my family turn the corner of the hallway, and snatched that puppy up like a gang of free-craigslist-perusing-piranhas were right on my heels. I came around the corner, and my husband rolled his eyes. 

But I saw great things for this chair! I really, really did.

 Behold, I give you....the chair.

 Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious....oh wait, sorry, that's a Stevie Wonder song.

My favorite little detail is the nail head trim around the arm rest pads. LALALALA Love it!

So the moral of the story is--someone's LITERAL trash can be a beautiful treasure with a little work :)

Are you lovin' it like I am?

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  1. My husband gives me that same look quite often... oh and you should hear the griping if a project takes up too much room in the garage or if it goes in the I'm going to redo it eventually category lol!!! Love the blog!

    -The Rustic Redhead