Make sure you're subscribing someway other than GOOGLE READER today!

We all know about the demise of google reader. Ridic if you ask me. But whadda ya gonna do, yanno?

 Anyway, I'm sure the majority of you have found an alternative way to read your blogs. Me, I've chosen TheOldReader. After testing out a few different readers, this is the one I decided to go with. But there are quite a few out there.

I don't want to lose you. I love you. Like, REALLY LOVE YOU. So let's continue to be blogging friends!

 On the right of my blog, you'll see a "connect" section. It'll look like this:

1. Subscribe to my blog through a RSS Feed. Once you click on it, it'll ask which reader you'll want to use. Easy.

2. If you're using bloglovin', I put this nifty little button here just for you. Click it!

3. Subscribe through your email. Just enter the email you'd want to receive your subscriptions to, and hit subscribe. 

 I hope this helped, and I look forward to continuing to blog with you! :)

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