Friday's Fun Facts

Hi everyone! So I was thinking, what can I start doing weekly that would be fun and informative about ME? And I thought of, Friday's Fun Facts! I'll share 10 facts about me, which will hopefully help you guys to get to know me better!

So let's start this thing!

1. I am really sensitive to unflattering sounds. I can not STAND the sound of my Husband picking his nails. He prefers to pick them instead of clipping them, and it has ALWAYS driven me UP.THE.WALL. Also
included-chewing with your mouth open and prolonged kissing sounds.

2. I had a shaved head for 2 1/2 years.

3. I have seen a few celebrities in person (one of the perks of living in So. CAL!). Some include: Jennifer Coolidge, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Brandy, Frankie Munez, Alfonso Ribeiro, Mark Curry, some rapper name Sean Kingston, and I'm sure others I can't think of right now..

4. I have a ridiculous obsession with stars. I even have stars tattooed on my body!

5. I have accidentally cut each and every one of our kid's tip of their thumb the first time I clipped their nails. I seem to never learn, and I feel awful about it. But those newborn nails are so flimsy, and seem to grow INTO their skin when they come out of the womb! Rest assured though, there's no scars or missing thumb tips!

6. I have a daughter who was born with Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis. It means that her vocal cords do not move, compromising her airway. But by the grace of GOD she has avoided any type of intervention- such as a tracheotomy or surgeries! She maintains a healthy airway and we just watch it closely. You can learn more about it HERE.

7. I don't like going INTO the ocean. I like looking at it, but something about rolling waves that rip off your top and sharks....yeah, just not my thing.

8. My Husband and I know our calling is in youth ministry. He has been given the gift of teaching, and I have been given the gift of discipling young ladies...we make a GREAT team. Where he lacks, I compliment. And vice versa :)

9. I love Coca-Cola. A LOT. However, it helps keep me overweight. So i've made the switch to Coke Zero. It's really not the same, but I'm continously trying to convince my brain that it is.

10. I have a deep love for thank you cards. I have a basket full of thank you cards, because I collect them and I LOVE to send them. I actually need to send one today before we leave for our getaway.

You heard me right, a GETAWAY! My sweet, sweet Husband decided that after the rough 2 weeks that we've just had, that he needs to take us away. And I'm so thankful! We're going to Ventura, CA. We'll visit the beaches, outlet malls and rest! SO excited!

So there's my 10 Fun Facts! Fun right? I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

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  1. Very fun. I love number one the most. I can completely relate. I have several friends that pick their nails and I can't even hear them talking when they do that. All I hear is click-click-click. Have fun on your getaway.....even if you won't go in the water. Lisa~