Sweet Redemption!

Well hello there!

So since I last shared, I have been busy figuring out a solution to my problem. My problem being a destroyed table top.

First things first- I had to take a grinder and literally GRIND OFF the epoxy resin from the table top. 4 layers of it. FOUR. It took hours! By the time I was finished, the backyard was COVERED in epoxy dust. As well as myself. 

After clearing off the table top of the dust, I was so sad and disheartened to see the grinder left dents in the table. I painted it black several times, and it was still very obvious. Defeated, I decided to just leave it and let it give the table "character". AKA, I HATE IT. But other than ripping off the table top and building a new one on top of the base (which I was seriously considering doing), there was nothing else I could do.

In the meantime, I develop this rash on my hand. Clear, blister like hives. After a day, my whole body is covered in them.

Turns out, I'm allergic to epoxy resin and paint thinner! WOW! I'm a fool and didn't think to put on gloves when working with the Envirotex. And then when I tried to get it off, I used paint thinner. On MY HANDS. So after a Dr. visit, I was now informed and clearly aware of my skin's sensitivty to harsh chemicals.

(PLEASE be careful with epoxies! ALWAYS wear gloves and a mask)

 Moving on.

The table sat in the garage until I got the bright idea-a loud pattern will cancel out the imperfections. Yes, this should work! So after a short amount of time perusing the internet, I decided upon a chevron pattern.

 2 rolls of painters tape, ripped off paint due to painters tape, hand touching up each.and.every.line, 3 coats of polycrylic and 238756342875621983 tears later, she's finished!

Here's a reminder of what the table looked like before-
(I should have never messed with it! Live and learn...)

And here it is after!

As you can see, it's far from perfect. There's many imperfections since I don't have a straight hand and I had to free hand every line, but it's finished. And I'm no longer using a folding card table as a dining table. And it adds character--the kind I like!

 I'm happy with the results. And will be until we decide to build the Farmhouse Table. Which will probably be within the next year (cover your eyes, honey!).

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  1. What a labor of love and your poor hands! It turned out gorgeous though! I'm featuring it in this week's PoPP Spotlight.