Rainy Day DIY Necklace!

Hi friends!

 Today it's been raining, which isn't too common here in Southern California. So I took advantage of the indoor weather, and decided to make a necklace inspired by a gorgeous piece I saw on Pinterest!

My oh-so-cute FREE Fabric Rose Necklace

Ok, so here's how to make it!

First, you start by making some Fabric Roses. I use a glue gun, twirl strips of fabric around the bud, gluing a couple of times here and there.

I then placed the roses how I wanted them to lay on a piece of felt and traced around them. After tracing, I cut on the inside of my line, so the felt would be slightly smaller than the actual rose necklace.

 I hot glued them onto the felt, and added two pieces of ribbon to the felt.

I made two cute little bows, and hot glued them on the ribbon (note--I originally was going to tie them onto the ribbon, but I couldn't get them to "sit straight" so I decided to just hot glue them on!)

 And there you have it! A super cheap, super easy fabric rose necklace!

 Seriously, I made it with materials I already had on hand, so it was basically FREE!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

 Happy Friday!!!


  1. aw this is super cute and you made it look really easy to do! :) I'm inspired!!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  2. Going to try this!! So cute!! Think I may try one out of flannel patterned material! Thanks for the tute:)