DIY Tombstones!

Hi everyone! We are finally getting fall weather over here, PRAISE THE LORD! 

 So naturally, I've been getting in the fall mood. Usually we don't decorate for Halloween, except for our carved pumpkins, but this year I wanted to do a little something so I bought a few decorations and then decided to make some tombstones!

So here's a quick little tutorial on how to make your own tombstones!

 I used some leftover MDF I had, and traced out 3 tombstones.

 I cut them with the jigsaw, and then sat and admired them, crookedness and all.

I then painted them, cut out some funny names with my cricut and then hand painted the pictures on!

 I attached them to some wooden stakes, and had some awesome, ridiculously inexpensive tombstones! Super cute, if you ask me!

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