Hi all! Are you enjoying your summer so far? We are! Seems we're keeping busy, which is always fun. The weather is becoming REALLY hot though, so we're keeping the air running almost all day! Desert living at its finest!

 So today I'm gonna share with you a simple nail technique that I picked up on another blog...it's so easy, ANYONE can do it!

I'm not a scrapbooker, so when I picked up a few of those REALLLLLYYY small punches at Michael's for $1 each, I thought,"What'd I buy these for?!" Well now I know! Nail art!

 You can use whatever design you want, and make a super cute shape on your nail! Here's how!

 I used some masking tape, stamped a design onto it, and VOILA!

 And isn't that color so cute?! It's just a basic wet n wild color, but I use a good base coat and top coat I got from Sally Beauty Supply. I'm loving my summer nail color!

What's your favorite summer nail color?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME! What a cool idea. I'm off to Michael's! HA HA! Thanks for sharing. Oh...and my favorite nail color lately has been L'Oreal's Tangerine Crush and anything HOT, NEON pink!

  2. Such a cute idea.. I'm not a scrap booker, so I always see those cool punchy things but never feel like I have a use for them.. thanks for proving me wrong!


  3. That is a great idea! Now I need to raid my Mom's paper punches! :)

    Found you on the blog hop.