And there was light!

 Busy Busy Busy! You know how it is!

 Today I want to share with you a lamp and lampshade redo. Remember this hideous lamp I got from the thrift store for $3.00?  (#4)

 Yeah, my Husband's eyes just about fell out of his head when he saw this shade. He must have thought I lost my mind. But bless his heart, he kept that to himself :) Good Husband!

 Well, I sat there for a bit wondering what could be done with this beastly lampshade. And like THAT! an idea came to me.

 So I ripped off the tacky lace, wiped it down with a damp washcloth and went to work........
I hot glued 847236375643786 cut out circles all around the shade!

 I then finished it off with bias tape around the top and bottom; and I had a nice, COOL lookin' lampshade! 

 Awesome, huh?! I think so.

 Oh, and see that sweet print on the wall? I borrowed the idea from my girl over at Girl In Air, and yes, it REALLY is that cheap to print it out! Mine was $2.99, and it fits PERFECT right on that wall in my guestroom. It has been a hit so far, can't wait to see what future guests think of it!

(It's not crooked, I was tilting the camera...DOH!)

Here's a close up of what the picture looks like...be still, my heart. She's just so precious :)

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. The Lamp is FABULOUS! And your picture project turned our awesome...very precious indeed! Thanks for linking to me:-)

  2. They may have taken our Kodachrome away (song stuck in your head now?) but they better not e.v.e.r. take your glue gun away!! :-)

  3. Looks supercool! Love the precious photo, too.
    <3 Christina

  4. Your lamp is quite cool. Love the photo too.

  5. This is such a fabulous rehab of an old lamp shade. So clever. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That IS chic! I absolutely love it!
    - Hope :o)

  7. It looks fantastic. I'm curious about what kind of fabric you used for the circles. I'm filing this away to try some day!

    Warmly, Michelle

  8. Love the lampshade! For me it has a mid century verve...love it!

  9. Awesome lamp! What a great redo. Would love to have you link it up at our party.



  10. What a simple, but drastic transformation! The lamp shade looks a thousand times better. Thank you for sharing this project at our Summer BBQ Bash!

  11. awesome both the lamp & the pretty pic

  12. It looks great! A gazillion circles later ;) It really does look cool, kinda has an ombré effect, doesn't it?