Oh Christmas Treeeee!!

Our lovely Christmas tree. That I just LOVE. So much. The toys to the left crept their way in the pic, the skirt was tossled about because of the electronic Zhu Zhu Pet cruising underneath it, much to the delight of the girls, and no presents are under the tree.

 But, the tree....is UP. And looking so beautiful. So much more stunning in person. Some of you have that opportuinty, to see it in person. Some don't. But trust me-she's a joy to have in our home :)

 Have you put up your tree yet? Real or fake?


  1. Oh we have a fake tree! It is pre lit and Just right for our house. well actually we have 5 fake trees if I get my act together and get the other 4 up before christmas eve

  2. Very pretty!!!!! I better be one of those who sees it in person......

  3. Hi Janet,
    Yes, she is beautiful. Our fake pre-lit tree is up, though not decorated. Up was an accomplishment. Try to get pics soon for my blog, have the posts written, just waiting for pics.

  4. The ribbon around your tree looks so pretty. I've never tried that.