SYTYCD Sesaon Finale!!!

 Well hey there you guys!

 I'm a little late on this, but I'm watching the SYTYCD Finale right now, so better late than never!

 I was less than impressed with last night's Part 1 of the finale-every season prior had some AMAZING
dances for the Finale; and these ones were just so so.

 Here are the ones I liked:

I have a strong feeling Melanie's gonna take this one-the judges ranted and raved about how they loved her and how she was their "favorite" dancer. Lady Gaga endorsed her. Kenny Ortega offered her a job. 

I love Melanie; she seems super humble and is an out-of-this-world dancer. But I was really put off at the constant endorsement. I thought the judges needed to be neutral about every dancer? Don't they realize they're affecting the votes by saying,"You're my FAVORITE dancer!" or like Nigel said last night to Tadd and Marko "A Girl will win the competition tomorrow." Rude!

I truly loved this show, and enjoyed EVERY season (didn't watch season 4) but I'm not sure I'll be back to watch next season. It's been fun doing this series every Thursday though! 

And the winner is-
(highlight below to reveal winner!)


  1. I think M was the clear winner and S was clearly 2nd. Don't get me wrong I loved the Boys they were Fantastic and were right up there with Twitch, Kent and Even for me personality wise but they did not have that intensity the girls gave.

    As for the Judges I think America by the top 6 have a clear view of who they want to win. I mean they are not sheep when I comes to this point of the game. They know who they want and they go for it despite what is said.

  2. I'm with you. This season was just weird. They made too many changes and I think the dancing got somewhat lost. Even though I love seeing some of my favorites come back, we don't need a bunch of different all stars shadowing over the contestants. We don't need a bunch of celebrity guest judges distracting from the dancers. I'm hopeful that they will get back to the heart of what makes this show so captivating next season. But don't give up on it! Let them try to redeem themselves next season!

  3. Hello, I found you blog on the Meet Me Monday Blog Hop & I'm a new GFC follower :)